Your Divorce or Separation Doesn’t Have to Get Ugly

At Rinehart Bryant, we have seen divorce from every angle. We’ve seen the knock-down-drag-out cases where neither side budges, just as we’ve seen the cases where both sides come to an amicable agreement to move on. All parties involved prefer and benefit from the latter more so than the former. A Virginia divorce doesn’t have to get ugly. You both had a reason to get married from the beginning, so why not try one Read More

We attended the 2023 Night of 1000 Pies!

As a firm, we take pride in our community. Last Saturday, we attended the 2023 Night of 1000 Pies hosted by Empowerhouse. Empowerhouse is an organization we proudly sponsor each year in support of survivors of domestic violence in Virginia. #EmpowerHouse Read More

How Familial Relationships Are Impacted by the Virginia Adoption Process

Last month, we discussed why Virginia stepparents should consider formalizing their parental rights through the adoption process. Doing so eliminates legal barriers and protects your parental rights should your marriage falter. Adoption impacts more than just the adopting parent(s) and their children, however. Familial relationships with both the “former” family members who have had their rights terminated and with Read More

Why Virginia Stepparents Should Consider Legal Adoption Today

There is no one way to grow your family. Ultimately, what matters is the love and dedication we can give to one another in the home. As a stepparent, the love you give can be just as much, if not more, than that of a biological parent. When you assume the role of stepparent, you take on the responsibility any other parent would but you don’t automatically receive the same rights as a biological parent. This is Read More

The Termination of Parental Rights in Virginia

Parental rights are a delicate issue and the duties that come with being a parent require dedication. This is precisely why any legal attempt to terminate parental rights in Virginia must be taken seriously. Generally, these requests come from the Department of Social Services who want to terminate a parent’s rights for allegedly neglecting those duties. When a parent neglects their child, or becomes severely Read More

Common Questions That Linger After Your Virginia Divorce Case

Getting a divorce can run even the strongest individuals thin. You spent so much time and energy building a relationship that now requires time and energy to end. This can leave you feeling a little lost during a time of transition. Our team of Virginia divorce attorneys works closely with clients to make this transition as stress-free as reasonably possible, but we’ve seen firsthand how the stress of a divorce can Read More

What You Need When You Meet With a Family Law Attorney

Legal matters that impact your family are worthy of your time and attention. Virginia families are worthy of the careful attention and expertise of an experienced family law attorney. That’s where Rinehart Bryant, PLLC, comes in. Our team is proud to support Virginia families in important legal matters. We want to make sure you receive the legal representation you deserve as you navigate complicated, often sensitive, Read More

Tread Lightly on Social Media During a Family Law Matter

Social media is everywhere. There are numerous platforms, apps, and websites out there for people to share their thoughts, pictures, and videos of whatever is going on in their lives at a given moment. This exposure comes with some risk and provides a slippery slope for those who don’t think before they post. All of this becomes even more relevant during a legal matter involving your family. If you are in the midst Read More

How is Spousal Support Determined in Virginia?

The end of a marriage is often the end of a lifestyle. People are left to figure out what life will look like without not only the person they’ve been married to but also everything they brought to the table. Spousal support (often referred to as “maintenance”) is intended to soften this blow and ensure nobody is forced to suffer a significant loss in quality of life after their marriage ends. Our team at Rinehart Read More

Will I Have to Refinance My Mortgage After My Divorce?

Getting a divorce in Virginia comes with a litany of questions and issues that arise for each party throughout the process. Although this can be exhausting for everyone involved it is necessary to be prepared for everything that comes with separation and divorce. One of the most stressful components of any divorce is the division of assets, especially when a home is involved. We frequently hear from clients who want Read More