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Understanding Jurisdiction and Timelines in Virginia Family Law Cases

In the heart of every Virginia family who is facing legal challenges lies a quest for clarity and resolution for all the loved ones involved. The law offers a structured path through these difficult times, especially when the welfare of children hangs in the balance. Understanding jurisdictional specifics and the importance of timely filings provides a clear path forward and provides direction amidst the initially Read More

Dividing Lives and Assets After Divorce

Dealing with a divorce in Virginia means facing the tough task of splitting up assets and debts. It's not just about the money or property; it's about everything you've built and shared together. Virginia law draws a clear line between what's considered marital property and what's separate, impacting how everything gets divided. Understanding this difference–and all the exceptions that come with it–is crucial for Read More

Marital vs. Separate Assets: Understanding Property Division

Divorce is difficult even in the best of times, but when it comes to the division of assets and debts, critical and often contentious issues arise. The crux of this legal process hinges on a fundamental distinction: the classification of each asset and debt as either marital or separate. This distinction is not merely a procedural formality but a decisive factor that profoundly influences the financial outcomes of a Read More

Virginia Legislature Solidifies the Role and Standing of a Guardian ad Litem

The Guardian ad Litem (GAL) serves an important role in the protection of Virginia children, especially in cases marked by domestic violence. At Rinehart Bryant, we understand the importance of these appointments, which are dedicated to serving the child’s best interests above all else. We previously defined the role of a GAL which is often beyond the understanding of Virginia families that were previously unaware of Read More

At Rinehart Bryant, We Help You Like Family Would

Family law is a diverse, challenging area of law. What’s more important than family? In child custody or child support cases, what could possibly be more important than your child? We see this each and every day as we help families in Virginia with compassion and integrity. You see our mantra right on our home page: “We help you like family would.” It’s something we take pride in as we take on cases and face families Read More

Understanding the Complex Nature of Domestic Assault Allegations

Domestic violence is a grave issue that affects many families across the nation, leaving emotional and physical scars that can last a lifetime. Assaulting a family member is unacceptable, regardless of the circumstances, and the law comes down hard on those found guilty of such actions. Unfortunately, there are those who will levy accusations of domestic violence against a partner or former partner in order to gain Read More

How Virginia Protective Orders Keep You Safe

Nobody should ever feel so unsafe in their own spaces that they have to seek out legal protection. Unfortunately, we know firsthand that some relationships (even one-sided relationships) become unsafe or even turn violent. Protective orders are a legal tool to further fortify your personal safety and create significant legal ramifications for anyone who violates them. We’ve previously talked about the types of Read More

Your Divorce or Separation Doesn’t Have to Get Ugly

At Rinehart Bryant, we have seen divorce from every angle. We’ve seen the knock-down-drag-out cases where neither side budges, just as we’ve seen the cases where both sides come to an amicable agreement to move on. All parties involved prefer and benefit from the latter more so than the former. A Virginia divorce doesn’t have to get ugly. You both had a reason to get married from the beginning, so why not try one Read More

We attended the 2023 Night of 1000 Pies!

As a firm, we take pride in our community. Last Saturday, we attended the 2023 Night of 1000 Pies hosted by Empowerhouse. Empowerhouse is an organization we proudly sponsor each year in support of survivors of domestic violence in Virginia. #EmpowerHouse Read More

How Familial Relationships Are Impacted by the Virginia Adoption Process

Last month, we discussed why Virginia stepparents should consider formalizing their parental rights through the adoption process. Doing so eliminates legal barriers and protects your parental rights should your marriage falter. Adoption impacts more than just the adopting parent(s) and their children, however. Familial relationships with both the “former” family members who have had their rights terminated and with Read More