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Hear Directly From Virginia Families

At Rinehart Bryant, PLLC, we help you like family would. You don’t have to just take it from us – hear directly from some of the Virginia families we have helped! Below you will find some testimonials from past clients about their experience working with Rinehart Bryant, PLLC. To work with us yourself, get in touch today!

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Divorce and custody battles are never pleasant, but John proved to be a life raft in a sea of personal chaos. I first sought John’s legal services for a complicated divorce that dealt with shared custody and military retirement issues. From the beginning, John was thorough, rational, honest, and thought-provoking. He dealt with the opposing counsel with persistence and was able to quickly finalize my divorce and settlement with more than favorable terms. Following the divorce, my custody arrangement took a negative turn, and I (again) sought John’s counsel, this time for primary custody of my children. John handled the new issues with a keen legal intellect and calm demeanor that provided positive reassurance. He was able to navigate complex legal waters which ultimately led to me being awarded primary custody. John greatly exceeded all expectations. He truly cares about his clients, and he works tirelessly in their best interest and the outcomes they deserve. I could not provide a higher recommendation.

Jason M.

I recently worked with John Bryant for my divorce case, and I can confidently say that he is an exceptional attorney. Not only did John demonstrated a high level of professionalism and expertise throughout the entire process, but he genuinely cared for me as an individual and the difficult situation I was walking through. Not only was John a tremendous support, his entire staff was as well. Thanks to John and his staff’s hard work and dedication, we were able to achieve a positive outcome for my case. I would highly recommend John Bryant and his team to anyone who needs a reliable and experienced divorce attorney.

Stacey B.

Mr. Bryant and his firm have been representing me for almost 6 years. He and his team have consistently exceeded my expectations and have been collaborative partners with me through multiple protective orders, a divorce, several show-causes, and ongoing custody and child-support issues. Mr. Bryant is realistic and fair with his advice and his staff are persistent in pursuing the paperwork and evidence that is necessary in order to be well prepared for arguments each time he appears in court on my behalf. Mr. Bryant has strong communication skills, which are highly effective in both mediation settings and in the courtroom. His knowledge of the law is evident in every interaction we’ve ever had, and he is passionate and enthusiastic when he gets to use his knowledge and demonstrate his skills in the courtroom. I am extremely thankful for both him and his team, and I highly recommend his firm to anyone dealing with family custody issues.


A truly professional environment that cares about each and every aspect of their clients. Devoted to providing a feeling of family and friends while looking out for your best interests. Highly recommended.

Joseph R.

Rebecca Medina is a very talented attorney and an asset to the Rinehart Bryant Law firm. Highly recommend her if you need representation.

Hillary J.

I walked into Ms. Snead’s office a few years ago just needing help. She patiently listened to everything I said and dug into all the evidence. She walked me through all the proceedings, explaining it all along the way, and was very patient with my constant ‘what ifs’. She has been straightforward with each obstacle. Unfortunately, my case is pretty high-conflict with a lot of variables, and now almost 2 years out, she’s still running point on my case as if it was the first day. There’s more to get through, and probably always will be, but I decided over a year ago that I will always keep Ms. Snead on retainer. I refuse to go into court without her representation!


Danielle Snead has been a great Lawyer to have represent me. She is Professional, kind, respectful, and very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend her to my friends. Her colleagues and staff are also very professional and respectful and very helpful. I’m so glad I found this Law firm.

Richard L.

I was fortunate to retain Caitlyn Stubbs’ counsel early in my divorce, because she helped me throughout a long and difficult process. Caitlyn’s knowledgeable, organized, and efficient implementation of the law secured settlements in my favor regarding military retirement considerations, retirement assest division, spousal and child support, and child custody disputes, in addition to multiple slow-down’s and delays. Caitlyn was responsive and up-to-date on my case throughout my divorce, and her courtroom demeanor was professional and assertive at all times. Although at times I worried about how the case would be judged, I did not have to worry about how Caitlyn and her staff were performing. I HIGHLY recommend Caitlyn and I thank her for her responsive, professional representation.

Susan M.

Based on the recommendation from a friend, I met and hired Rebecca Medina as my lawyer in a custody case. She is excellent in her job with superior communication skills in addressing my rights in court and to the judge. She demonstrated a masterful understanding of the facts and delivered them with the right balance of confidence, civility, and persuasiveness. I have no reservation in recommending her as she will fight for you all the way.

L. Taylor

John & Cait have stood beside me through every obstacle and roller coaster ride of my separated family. I would not do it anywhere else. They (especially Cait) have fought for my 2 girls and me with strength and knowledge. I would not and will not go anywhere else than this law firm. Love them!

Whitney S.

Even though I divorced over 12 years ago, the stress and anguish continued through the years as my ex-spouse, who is the custodial parent, continued to decide that she was above the law as my children grew older. I started working with Caitlyn Stubbs when she worked with a very well-known firm and I have continued to seek her counsel ever since. Together with her team, she helped me place a modified agreement that would strongly uphold in court. When, as expected, my ex-spouse violated the agreement, we never saw court because they were in a very unfavorable position. The entire experience has allowed me to resurrect my relationship with my teenage children while forcing my ex-spouse to incur the legal fees associated with it. I am tremendously gracious to the entire team. Thank you!!


Hire Danielle I. Snead IMMEDIATELY!! You will not regret it at all. Ms. Snead is honest, very intelligent and fearless. She will fight for you and she will not take advantage of you.


If you are looking for an attorney who knows the law and will not nickel and dime you, hire Ms. Snead today!


She will make you feel as if you are her only client. She’s very responsive and caring. She will make you feel comfortable while you are going through the most uncomfortable situation in your life.



Ariel A.

I’m very happy with my legal representative. I highly recommend Mr. John Rinehart Bryant.

Amy D.

John Bryant,
You and I have known each other for about 3 1/2 years and in that time you have been steady counsel through the most difficult and emotionally challenging season of my life. Your integrity is beyond reproach and has so often returned me to a place of reason instead of emotionally driven retribution. I have always considered myself a man of discipline however in this time it is you who have helped me most, second only to my faith. Even as the battle continues with my co-parent after all this time, I have the greatest confidence in your exceptional competence to represent me with wisdom, honor and integrity.
‘Thank you’ fails to express my sincerest gratitude in you and Ms. Carrie of your staff.

Gary T.

John Bryant is the attorney that you would want on your side against your opposition. Notwithstanding whatever tenuous difficulties you may be encountering, he remains responsive and flexible in dealing with your available options, their contingencies and possible ramifications.

Steve L.

John Bryant represented me throughout a nearly two-year drawn-out divorce. Throughout the process, he never wavered in his support to me, whereas my spouse cycled through three attorneys during that time. He offered many viable alternatives and solutions every step of the way and was instrumental in obtaining a more than equitable resolution for me. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Richard S.

Money well spent…. He’s also part lawyer/part counselor. Always finds the time, despite a heavy caseload, to lend an ear and provide a solution to the situation. I’ve been his client for over two years now and considering the difficult circumstances surrounding my case, I feel satisfaction that we continue to achieve most of our goals. Highly recommended

Lindsey R.