Tread Lightly on Social Media During a Family Law Matter

Social media is everywhere. There are numerous platforms, apps, and websites out there for people to share their thoughts, pictures, and videos of whatever is going on in their lives at a given moment. This exposure comes with some risk and provides a slippery slope for those who don’t think before they post. All of this becomes even more relevant during a legal matter involving your family. If you are in the midst Read More

How is Spousal Support Determined in Virginia?

The end of a marriage is often the end of a lifestyle. People are left to figure out what life will look like without not only the person they’ve been married to but also everything they brought to the table. Spousal support (often referred to as “maintenance”) is intended to soften this blow and ensure nobody is forced to suffer a significant loss in quality of life after their marriage ends. Our team at Rinehart Read More

Will I Have to Refinance My Mortgage After My Divorce?

Getting a divorce in Virginia comes with a litany of questions and issues that arise for each party throughout the process. Although this can be exhausting for everyone involved it is necessary to be prepared for everything that comes with separation and divorce. One of the most stressful components of any divorce is the division of assets, especially when a home is involved. We frequently hear from clients who want Read More

Making the Most Out of the Holidays as a Co-Parent

Christmas and New Year’s Eve are quickly approaching. This means time with family and loved ones for many Virginia families, but we also recognize that not every Virginia family looks the same. If you got divorced this year it can be a challenge coming up with a holiday co-parenting plan that gives you both quality time with your children. We want to help you navigate the coming days and weeks just as we did last Read More

How Does Rental Income Factor Into Child Support?

Okay, you’ve been ordered to pay child support after your divorce or separation. We know nobody wants to make these payments, but it’s a reality of your situation. The money, ideally, will be spent on raising your child in the best circumstances possible. So, let’s focus on how these payments will be determined as you’ve already been told you’ll be responsible for making them. In Virginia, when the courts determine Read More

Recent Virginia Court Decision Has Long-Term Impact on Visitation Cases

Divorce, custody, and visitation cases are often among the most challenging for all parties involved. From the couple’s perspective, the airing of grievances through the courts only adds stress to an already emotional experience. For the courts, the responsibility of deciding how a family’s future will look weighs heavily. The latter became especially relevant in a recent case, Rainey v. Rainey, where the trial court Read More

Understanding the Role of a Guardian Ad Litem

When you bring a family law case to the courts, there are a myriad of professionals and factors at play. This can be a stressful time for the whole family and having your case impacted from so many different angles can add further complexity. One of the roles in family law cases involving children many families may not be familiar with is the Guardian ad Litem. These are court-appointed attorneys who represent your Read More

What Defines a Narcissist?

Look, if you’ve reached the point of the internet where you’re checking in on a divorce attorney’s blog then you likely already view the differences between you and your spouse as irreconcilable. We fully understand that some relationships just don’t work out and divorce happens. You aren’t alone in feeling this way considering more than 1.5 million people get divorced in the U.S. each year (and those numbers don’t Read More

How to Identify Stalking and What You Can Do About It

Nobody deserves to feel unsafe – unsafe in their own communities, their own homes, or their own bodies. It’s an unfortunate reality that an estimated 13.5 MILLION people are stalked over an one-year period in the United States. Stalking not only makes people experience fear, but can force them to uproot their lives to move, miss work, and increase the risk of depression, anxiety, insomnia, and social isolation. Some Read More

What Happens if a Custodial Parent Deploys?

Custody cases are some of the most complicated and emotional situations families will ever deal with. Our children mean a lot to us, so it’s important to fight for our right to be with them and to raise them. Different scenarios will impact our ability to do so, however, and it’s important to understand how different scenarios will impact the custody of a child. Military families, especially those that go through a Read More