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Tread Lightly on Social Media During a Family Law Matter

Social media is everywhere. There are numerous platforms, apps, and websites out there for people to share their thoughts, pictures, and videos of whatever is going on in their lives at a given moment. This exposure comes with some risk and provides a slippery slope for those who don’t think before they post.

All of this becomes even more relevant during a legal matter involving your family. If you are in the midst of a Virginia family law case, what you post on social media can impact your case. We see people who take this for granted but will always advise our clients to tread lightly when posting online.

What You Post Can and Will Be Used

This isn’t a criminal matter and you aren’t being read your Miranda rights, but the court and the opposing legal team absolutely will enter any relevant evidence into the record. That means what you post online can be brought up in court.

Your best bet is to simply not post anything online relating to your case. Generally, juvenile court cases are restricted, so the public won’t have access to the facts of the case unless you decide to release that information.

Disparaging Your Ex Could Cost You

You are tired of dealing with your ex. We understand that you want your case to be over so you don’t need to deal with them ever again, but the world doesn’t need to know just how harshly you feel about them.

Disparaging others publicly can be considered a hostile act that casts you in a poor light. You don’t want to burn any favor you are gaining in your case by painting yourself as an angry, bitter person. 

Do NOT Delete “Evidence”

You should avoid deleting posts, photos, and videos as this could be considered spoiling or destroying evidence. Most people think about this in criminal cases, but destroying evidence can also be costly in civil litigation.

Instead of destroying any posts on your own pages, consider documenting any posts on your ex’s pages that could be used to your advantage. If those posts later come up missing then it could mean they destroyed evidence.

The Judge Will See Through Lies

Social media is often dishonest, as most people who post their lives on social media are only sharing the very best moments of their day. Understand that portraying your situation in one way online does not make that portrayal the truth.

If you have never posted about your child but suddenly post a ton of pictures expressing your love and affection for them it’s not going to make you seem like a model parent. Nor does running to social media to litigate your case in the court of public opinion win you any points in the courtroom.

Ask Your Attorney For Help

Your attorney should have your back. Rely on them for advice about how to conduct yourself during your case. At Rinehart Bryant, we have seen firsthand how social media can impact family law cases in our state.

Contact Your Virginia Family Law Firm today and prepare yourself for what’s to come.

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