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What You Need When You Meet With a Family Law Attorney

Legal matters that impact your family are worthy of your time and attention. Virginia families are worthy of the careful attention and expertise of an experienced family law attorney. That’s where Rinehart Bryant, PLLC, comes in.

Our team is proud to support Virginia families in important legal matters. We want to make sure you receive the legal representation you deserve as you navigate complicated, often sensitive, matters.

We want to make working with our team as seamless and stress-free as it reasonably can be. Our initial consultations and meetings are often slowed down by questions about what a client needs to bring with them and what information we need. Streamlining this process by preparing you ahead of time can save us some time and allows us all to focus on what really matters: getting results for you and your family.

Basic Identifying Information

We have all of our clients fill out an intake form to get started. This intake form is straightforward and merely intended to get some basic information about you and the other party (if applicable).

While most of this information should be readily known, there are a few items that some clients aren’t prepared for, such as:

  • Employer’s address and phone number for both parties
  • Social security number of both parties and any children
  • Dates and times of any pending court appearances
  • Contact information for the opposing parties attorney 
  • The county, city, and state of your marriage (if applicable)

Ultimately, if you don’t have all of this information at our first meeting that is okay. We can work to finalize any missing details as we work together on your case. Bringing this to your consultation, however, ensures that important dates can be discussed and proper information relayed..

Financial Records

In any Virginia family law case where financials are relevant, it’s important to bring as many financial records and information as you reasonably can. These will often be important in any divorce case as well as child or spousal support cases.

Consider financial documents such as:

  • Recent bank statements
  • Mortgage details
  • Investment accounts, retirement accounts
  • Pay stubs
  • Additional sources of income
  • Cost of medical, dental and vision insurance
  • Cost of work related daycare
  • Any debts you have

 This information will also be important for the other party, so if you have access to their accounts or any joint accounts containing the same information for them, you should bring this, as well.

These documents and pieces of information allow us to get a better understanding of your financial circumstances in your marriage or in your child support case. We have previously discussed the calculation of spousal support in Virginia, refinancing your mortgage after divorce, and how rental income factors into child support.

Proof of Allegations in Child Custody Cases

Fighting for custody or visitation of your child often involves a back-and-forth of allegations about the quality of both parents. You will not be permitted to walk into a courtroom and just claim the other side has abusive tendencies or spends time with the wrong crowd without supporting evidence.

You should bring any evidence that can back up the claims you intend to make. This can include photos, videos, text messages, or any other pieces of evidence you think could be relevant to your case. Don’t be afraid to bring everything, we can sort through it later to determine what matters and what may not.

At Rinehart Bryant, our goal is to make your case as easy as reasonably possible. We want you to feel like family when you work with our team. Contact us today for the personal attention and expertise you deserve.

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