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Your Divorce or Separation Doesn’t Have to Get Ugly

At Rinehart Bryant, we have seen divorce from every angle. We’ve seen the knock-down-drag-out cases where neither side budges, just as we’ve seen the cases where both sides come to an amicable agreement to move on. All parties involved prefer and benefit from the latter more so than the former.

A Virginia divorce doesn’t have to get ugly. You both had a reason to get married from the beginning, so why not try one last time to approach your relationship through collaboration?

Litigation Isn’t the Only Option

When couples can’t agree on the terms of their divorce, litigation may be necessary but this strips everyone involved of the power to make their own decisions. The court makes decisions for you.

Mediation and Separation Settlement Agreements are two ideal options for settling your divorce without relying on a Virginia divorce court. In each case, both parties should still rely on the guidance of a family law attorney.

Mediation for Your Virginia Divorce

Mediation keeps your private life out of the courtroom. It’s essentially a private, non-legally binding proceeding that takes place behind closed doors. Your mediator is a neutral third party that will hear both sides, guide the conversation, and may make recommendations about the negotiations and final terms of your divorce settlement.

This often means wrapping up your divorce amicably and much quicker than relying on the court system to schedule hearings and make decisions on your behalf. We would argue that almost all divorce cases benefit from a mediation session before trial. At the end of mediation, any agreements reached between you and your spouse should be memorialized in writing, like a Settlement Agreement, to ensure that both parties are legally bound to those terms. 

To learn more about the full benefits of mediation, refer to our previous article on the subject and how it benefits your divorce.

Separation Settlement Agreements

Another option is to come to an agreement together outside of mediation. You will both need to answer questions about who gets the kids, who keeps the house, who pays child or spousal support, who pays off debt, etc. The terms of the Agreement take the place of any decision the Court could make and will typically become the terms of your Final Divorce Order.

A Separation Settlement Agreement also allows you to bridge the gaps in your divorce collaboratively. These Agreements are often the end result of mediation or they can be accomplished through negotiations with your spouse and/or with counsel.

Whatever path your divorce takes, Rinehart Bryant is your Virginia Family Law Firm. We are able to handle divorce cases in court and through mediation or assist you in negotiating a Separation Settlement Agreement. Contact our firm and end things on the right terms.

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