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Recent Virginia Court Decision Has Long-Term Impact on Visitation Cases

Divorce, custody, and visitation cases are often among the most challenging for all parties involved. From the couple’s perspective, the airing of grievances through the courts only adds stress to an already emotional experience. For the courts, the responsibility of deciding how a family’s future will look weighs heavily. The latter became especially relevant in a recent case, Rainey v. Rainey, where the trial court Read More

Understanding the Role of a Guardian Ad Litem

When you bring a family law case to the courts, there are a myriad of professionals and factors at play. This can be a stressful time for the whole family and having your case impacted from so many different angles can add further complexity. One of the roles in family law cases involving children many families may not be familiar with is the Guardian ad Litem. These are court-appointed attorneys who represent your Read More

What Defines a Narcissist?

Look, if you’ve reached the point of the internet where you’re checking in on a divorce attorney’s blog then you likely already view the differences between you and your spouse as irreconcilable. We fully understand that some relationships just don’t work out and divorce happens. You aren’t alone in feeling this way considering more than 1.5 million people get divorced in the U.S. each year (and those numbers don’t Read More

How to Identify Stalking and What You Can Do About It

Nobody deserves to feel unsafe – unsafe in their own communities, their own homes, or their own bodies. It’s an unfortunate reality that an estimated 13.5 MILLION people are stalked over an one-year period in the United States. Stalking not only makes people experience fear, but can force them to uproot their lives to move, miss work, and increase the risk of depression, anxiety, insomnia, and social isolation. Some Read More

What Happens if a Custodial Parent Deploys?

Custody cases are some of the most complicated and emotional situations families will ever deal with. Our children mean a lot to us, so it’s important to fight for our right to be with them and to raise them. Different scenarios will impact our ability to do so, however, and it’s important to understand how different scenarios will impact the custody of a child. Military families, especially those that go through a Read More

How Relocating Could Impact Your Custody Case

When a couple has a child and goes through a divorce or separation in Virginia, the ensuing custody battle creates serious challenges for everyone involved. Generally, not everyone involved will be able to get what they want and oftentimes nobody gets the result they want out of the situation. What’s important to remember is that custody battles don’t end just because the court enters a custody and visitation order. Read More

Custody and Visitation Rights for Grandparents in Virginia

At Rinehart Bryant, we understand no one family looks the same. Families take many different forms, and this can create different challenges when it comes to determining who does or doesn’t have custody or visitation rights with children. Virginia law does not specifically provide grandparents with custody or visitation rights upfront. Instead, the law allows a “person of legitimate interest” to petition for these Read More

Challenges Remain for LGBTQ Couples in Virginia

It’s been nearly seven years since the Supreme Court struck down all state bans on same-sex marriage. For the most part, this gave all couples the same rights and protections throughout the U.S., including in Virginia. However, same-sex couples still face discrimination and other challenges when starting and planning a family.Marital timeline Same-sex couples have been dating, living together, and committing to each Read More

Are You Suspicious of Your Spouse in Virginia?

Virginia is for lovers. Marriage is for lovers. In Virginia, sometimes people get involved with lovers who they aren’t married to. Their spouse isn’t so happy. If you’ve been noticing that your spouse smells different, has all of a sudden become obsessed with the gym and/or recently became overly protective of their phone, a new law makes it easier than in the past to prove the grounds of adultery in Virginia Read More

Who Gets To Claim the Child’s Tax Credit?

You know what they say: in life, only two things are certain - death and taxes. Taxes are, of course, an important part of a divorce, especially for married couples with children. When filing taxes, parents receive a Child Tax Credit, providing financial relief for the financial burden of raising children. When parents are divorced, only one of them will receive the Credit. So who gets it, and why? The Child Tax Read More